Consensus: Indiana Gov. Is An ‘Idiot’ First, ‘Bigot’ Second, ‘A**hole’ Third

It was close, but after tabulating all of the social media comments about Indiana Gov. Mike Pence following his signing of the state’s gay discrimination law and his subsequent moronic comments, it’s official: Pence is an idiot.

That’s right, “idiot” was the top superlative bestowed upon the brilliant governor across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and pretty much everywhere else his name was mentioned. Being a bigot was the second-most popular reference to Pence, while a**hole, moron, absurd, insane, fanatic, loser, hater and disgusting rounded out the top 10.

Beyond the general public, powerful voices such as Miley Cyrus went to Instagram to tell Pence: “You’re an asshole,” while Star Trek icon George Takei was beside himself and encouraged the #BoycottIndiana movement. 

The list of notable figures and celebrities calling out Pence’s absurdity included everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Hillary Clinton to Larry King to CEO Marc Benioff to … well, just about everyone with common sense.

And while Apple CEO Tim Cook displayed his classiness publicly by saying he was “deeply disappointed” in Pence, sources close to Cook said that privately he agreed with Miley Cyrus that Pence was an a**hole.   MF_Logo-Bxed20

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