ISIS Wins Top Int’l PR Award, But Receives Poor Marks for Branding Efforts

ISIS Wins Int'l PR Award

LONDON — The ISIS propaganda machine earned the terror group top honors at the International PR Awards for its ability to generate global news coverage as well as for its effective use of social media.

Despite winning top honors in those areas, however, ISIS did receive poor marks for its branding.

“They’ve changed their name a few times, from AQAP to ISIS to Islamic State, and you have some people referring to the group as ISIL or daesh, so there’s a branding disconnect there,” said Nigel Brandt, executive director of the International PR Awards. “Plus, look at their flag. It’s black with a message written in Arabic script. Most people can’t read that message, so I don’t think their branding is as universal as it could be.”

In addition to awarding its top honors, the International PR Awards also recognizes public relations efforts that have not been so successful.

This year’s winners in that category (technically the losers) were a tie: The Hillary Clinton PR team for its numerous gaffes, and the public affairs team for the city of Ferguson, Mo., for obvious reasons.   MF_Logo-Bxed20


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