Doctors Say Youth Texting, Gaming Lead To ‘Loose Thumb Syndrome’

Loose Thumb Syndrome

In a new study to be published next week, doctors and scientists agree there is undeniable evidence that there is a hazard to young people who excessively text, play games or do any other mobile activity where they are overusing their thumbs.

Doctors are calling the phenomenon that deteriorates the nerve endings in thumbs, rendering them useless, Loose Thumb Syndrome. Say that three times: Loose Thumb Syndrome, Loose Thumb Syndrome, Loose Thumb Syndrome. 

“Yes, of course it is a tongue-twister, but it is a lot more than that,” said Dr. Julius Moskowitz of the Institute of Advanced Biotechnology and Biomechanics, a title that in itself is a mouthful. “We are predicting that today’s children, whose thumbs are still fragile and developing, will grow up to have thumbs they will no longer be able to use.”

Moskowitz said human thumbs did not evolve to be able to handle the rapid movements.

“All of the back and forth and back and forth so quickly with the thumbs, it is too much,” he said. “We are going to have the next generation of humans with un-evolved carpometacarpal joints and future humans with no thumbs at all. This is where we’re heading.”

Moskowitz said the study does not specifically offer a cure, other than to suggest that young people “alternate the use of the fingers on their hands when tapping quickly on a screen.”   MF_Logo-Bxed20

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