People Magazine Launches ‘Old People,’ ‘Dead People’

People Launches Old, Dead People

People magazine this week announced it will launch Old People and Dead People to capitalize on the “trendiness among old people lately and the public’s fascination with the dead,” according to the company.

People Launches Old, Dead People

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“We can’t ignore the fact that the aging population is growing, but, more importantly, there have been a lot of high profile older folks lately that have made a lot of news,” said People spokesperson Angela Baldwin.

“Barbara Bush, who’s on our inaugural Old People cover, has been in the news a lot over her on-again, off-again support for son Jeb’s presidential ambitions,” Baldwin said. “And Betty White, well she’s just all over the place, and people — especially Bradley Cooper — can’t get enough of her.”

The debut cover of Dead People features the cast of The Golden Girls. “We know Betty White is not dead,” Baldwin added, “but the cover story does look into a potential lawsuit against Betty by the estate of Blanche Devereaux claiming that she was the biggest slut and now Betty White seems to be stealing that thunder. So we thought it was appropriate to have her in there.”

The premiere issue of Old People also features Betty White, Cindy Crawford and Michael Keaton, while the new issue of Dead People also features King Tut, Osama Bin Laden and Jon Lovitz.   MF_Logo-Bxed20