Juice Drinker Claims He Got ‘Way Too Much Pulp’

Too Much Pulp

BOSTON — A Connecticut man visiting Boston was up in arms Monday when the carton of Tropicana fresh squeezed orange juice he purchased contained more pulp than he wanted.

“I specifically chose the one that says ‘some pulp,’ not the one that says ‘lots of pulp,’ but it definitely had more than just some pulp. It had way too much pulp,” said 38-year-old Lawrence Schmiter, of Hartford. “I can’t imagine how much pulp there is in the containers that say ‘lots of pulp,'” he added. Schmiter said he usually buys the “no pulp” selection, but wanted to try out the other varieties.

“I really only wanted some pulp, but I got a mouthful.”

Officials at Bradenton, Fla.-based Tropicana Products said the company offers the different selections to appeal to a wide range of orange juice drinkers.

“Some people like no pulp, while some people like lots of pulp,” said spokesperson Floyd Jenkins. “And, there are those people who just want some pulp.”

Jenkins said he could not comment specifically on the Schmiter matter, but did say the company is conducting an investigation into the particular lot that Schmiter purchased to determine if the pulp-to-juice ratio was skewed.

“I agree with Mr. Schmiter in that if I’m in the mood for only some pulp, I don’t want a lot of pulp,” Jenkins said. “However, I’m more of a lots of pulp kind of guy; it makes the juice taste that much more hand-squeezed.”

A bottler at Tropicana’s packaging plant speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that sometimes the cartons receive more or less pulp than is advertised.

“Well now, you’re dealing with Mother Nature here. Some oranges are jucier than others and some have more pulp than others,” he said. “Sometimes thems oranges is dry as a bucket on a goat farm,” though he did not elaborate on the analogy.

Schmiter, too, did not understand the comparison to the bucket on a goat farm, and asked only that the company return his money and pay closer attention to the amount of pulp it puts in its orange juice cartons.   MF_Logo-Bxed20

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