Subway Conductor Mixes Stops, Riders Confused

Subway Conductor Confuses Stop

NEW YORK — A conductor on the F train confused a stop during Monday’s morning rush hour, telling riders West 4th Street was the next stop, when in fact the real stop was 14th Street.

“When I heard that, I really thought I missed my stop,” said Kathy O’Brien, who works in Union Square. “I got kind of scared.” O’Brien admits to having been enveloped by her book, but says she was aware of the stops. “I remembered the previous stop was 23rd Street, and I knew we hadn’t stopped at 14th Street yet. It couldn’t be.”

O’Brien was right and was glad she didn’t miss her stop. “I noticed the wall tiles at the stations saying 14th Street, so I knew it couldn’t have been West 4th Street,” she said.

Bob Levinson, who also gets off on 14th Street, said he never pays attention to the conductor and always guides himself by the signs at the station. “How stupid must someone be to not notice which station they’re at. The station name is labeled on every other tile.”

The conductor, Randall Jefferson, said he caught his mistake as the train entered 14th Street and simply announced to passengers, “This is 14th Street.”   MF_Logo-Bxed20

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